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Celerity has been taking one and two steps here and there for a while now. She'll step from the chair to the couch, or the couch to the coffee table. Today, however, she's really started walking for real. Our daycare gal told us she had taken quite a few steps across the room. When we got her home, we tried to get her on video.

I'd say this is walking:

Advanced Eating

Be sure to see our Christmas Update below.

Here is Celerity eating now, in 4 parts.

Here is what feeding her is really like:


This year brought us through many many changes.  It's pretty amazing to me, when I look back -
At the beginning of the year Dodi was still pregnant (and pretty big, too).  She had a Cesarean (which neither of us were expecting), giving birth to an awesome daughter. Since the pregnancy Dodi ended up going "out of town" three times, leaving me to single parent for a few weeks each time.  Now, as we approach Christmas, I've got a healthy 8 month old daughter and a healthy wife.

OMG, Busy
I don't really understand it.  We never seem to do anything anymore, but we always seem to be busy.  It must be some sort of optical illusion due to the baby.  We spend so much time caring for her that everything else just fades into the background.  Even a trip to the store is like planning for a moon shot or an arctic expedition. If only we had mission control or maybe some sherpas.  Babies do make the best excuse, though.  Reason we didn't do a Christmas card?  Baby.  Reason we didn't attend that wedding? Baby.  Reason we forgot to shower . . Baby.  Everyone understands.

Best. Baby. Ever.
Ok, I know, I know - everyone thinks their kid is the best.  But, seriously, mine totally is.  She is the mellowest child that I have ever seen.  She is not a crier (Hear ye, hear ye!).  While she sometimes wants mommy or daddy around, she mostly amuses herself in her playpen (our living room).  She may make some noise when she's hungry, but will always quiet down once she's fed.  Nothing seem to really upset her.  She is usually pretty good about going down for bed, too.  We put her down, turn off the lights and, after a squall or two, she's out.  Of course, I'm sure I'll go home tonight and she won't stop crying . . .

Right now she's fascinated by everything (except us).  We had a hard time taking Christmas pictures because the cat kept walking by and distracting her.  Whenever we pick her up, she's constantly looking around - she wants to know what is going on.  Mommy and daddy aren't interesting, though, except as a jungle gym.  Many nights Dodi or I will lay in Celerity's playpen and be mount-parent.  Kiddo can just about make it over daddy's stomach, but not quite.

Babies cost money
Fortunately, we have a bunch of friends who had had children before we did and we've been getting tons of hand-me-downs and toys.  We've really hardly had to buy anything, except to fill in when we don't have the right size/weather combination.  Unfortunately, we have other expenses that we never planned for.  Due do Dodi's condition we've pretty much had to have Celerity in Daycare since she was 2 months old.  For a while we had her home one day a week, but that didn't work out.  For the foreseeable future we will probably have her in daycare. 

For the first time in our lives we're actually running on a budget so we don't run out of dough by the end of the month.  Between our budget and the daycare we're just barely in the black each month.  It's actually been a good exercise for us, getting a grip on our spending and really focusing on paying down our debt.  We hope that by the end of next year we will be out of debt and starting to save.

We also started up a College fund for Celerity.  It's a "529" account which will allow us to write off our contributions and she won't have to pay taxes on the money so long as it's used for education.  Considering how things are now, I think it will be really hard to find a job in the future without a college education.  We hope that having this money will enable her to follow her muse, rather than having to worry about working her way through, or being saddled with debt once she graduates.

More to Follow
I hope to be posting more, including Pictures and Videos over the next few days, so be sure to check back!

Her First Tooth

Now that we've starting feeding her rice cereal, we've been paying a bit more attention to her mouth.  Dodi just noticed that she had her first tooth!  She hasn't even been especially fussy or anything, either!

Celerity's First Tooth
Also, let me tell you, it was hard to get this picture.  She kept sticking out her tongue, the little stinker!

Celerity Crawls

One day before she turned 6 months old Celerity Wowed us with her amazing crawling ability. This is just minutes after we witnessed her first crawl.

Can't Resist the meme

I do as I am told.

I'm not listening to the headphones . . I'm just prepared to listen to them.

As I had previously reported, my daughter can roll herself over from her back to her front.  She now does this on a regular basis and has stopped complaining about being on her stomach.  Or at least, she waits a bit longer to complain about it.

Now, I'm pretty certain that she can actually roll from her front onto her back on her own, but I have yet to actually see her do it.  She just never seems to roll over when I am in the room and looking.  It can't take her very long, because I step out of the room for less than a minute and, when I come back, she's moved two feet across the floor and is now on her back again.  So, either she's rolling over on her own or crawling, which I seriously doubt.  She is doing it well enough that she's getting into trouble, rolling up against the coffee table (and then screaming).  I will be purchasing baby fencing shortly.

It's like some sort of uncertainty principle - I can always tell her position, but never her momentum, from one moment to the next.  My theory is that when I am not observing her, she actually takes all possible positions in the room at once and only when I check on her does she settle into a discrete position.

Last Couple Months (Part 1)

Oh, yeah, I have a blog. Here is a quick summary of what's been going on with Dodi and I over the last couple months.

Back to Work for Daddy
I went back to work the second week in May, when Celerity was 3 weeks old.  We set up a cot in Celerity's room so Dodi could take care of late night feedings with CJ without waking me up.  We worked out a plan where Dodi would head to bed somewhat earlier than normal, I would take the evening shift, and Dodi would take the the late night feeding.  This ultimately didn't work out that well, since Dodi tended to not be able to get back to sleep after Celerity's feeding.  It didn't help that Celerity was still in her "Late night party" stage.  We were so busy that the image to the right is the last one was have in May.

A lack of sleep and the overall stress of going from part time care of CJ to all day care of CJ was turning out to be too much for Dodi.  She managed well for a couple weeks, but eventually started to break down.  I started to work from home to help take some of the pressure off her.  Unfortunately, it was too little, too late.  At the end of May Dodi had to go out of town*.

Effectively a Single Parent
I was largely unprepared for single parenting.  We had not considered what might happen if Dodi had to go out of town.  We did not have a Daycare provider, had not even considered looking for a Daycare provider.  I was kinda in a daze.  I knew Dodi was going to be ok, but I had to work, if only to retain my sanity.  I started calling friends and family and managed to get a patchwork fo folks to watch kiddo for the next week.  Our friend Julie gave a recommendation for a local gal who does Daycare. She turned out to be just a couple blocks away, very affordable, and had a slot open for an infant.  I was super lucky to get Celerity in and thus was set for daycare. 

The next couple weeks were largely uneventful.  Celerity began to sleep through the night . . or at least most of it.  There were off and on 3am feedings, but by and large I was putting her down at Midnight and she was waking me up at 6 or 7 the next morning.  This meant that I was largely conscious while at work.  We settled into a (somewhat bleary eyed) regular schedule.  I fed and entertained Celerity at night while watching TV or trying to type (babies don't go well with typing).  Every morning I'd drop her off with Daycare, then pick her up after work.  Rinse. Repeat.

If you don't know what I mean, feel free to contact me privately.

The Perils of Learning

This weekend I went over to visit my friends who have a 6 month old boy, Jak.  He, of course, is quite cute, but a good deal more mobile than Celerity.  I mentioned to his mother that Celerity could almost, but not quite, turn herself over.  She proceeded to grab her son by the feet and ROLL him back and forth across the floor (giggling the whole way).  She says she did that and within the day he was rolling over on his own within the day.

Armed with this new technique, I set up a blanket on the floor, grabbed Celerity by the feet, and proceeded to roll her back and forth across the floor.  She doesn't go quite as smoothly and, frankly, looks a little bit confused by the whole ordeal.  I try and get her to roll over on her own, but no dice.  Later that day I go out of the room for a snack and when I get back, lo and behold, she has rolled herself over!  I rejoice in my manly parenting skills and call my friend to thank her.

My celebration is short lived as I quickly realize a few things:
1)  My Daughter can roll herself over from her back to her stomach, but not the other way around
2)  My daughter loves to roll herself over
3)  My daughter HATES being on her stomach

Before, I had a child who I could put down on her back and expect to keep herself amused for an hour or two. Now have a daughter who, as soon as I put her down on her back, rolls over to her stomach, gets angry, and starts to cry.

I am sure that this is just the begining of things I will teach her that I'll regret.

Edit: Changed both instances of 'feed" to "feet" - I'm not sure what would happen if I grabbed Celerity by her "feed".